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Members of the Rescue

Debb 'Doglady' Allen
CEO / Founder
32+ years business owner with 36+ years in Management & 12+ years in Manufacturing

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Dr. Harland Sprouse
Veterinary care provided by, Brookfield Vet Clinic and NAWS in Gladstone
Veterinarian over 45 years of both domestic and livestock animals Spay and Neuter Clinic by Goldie Arnold

Carol Allen
Vice President / Customer Relations
35 years Retail experience & 25 years bookkeeping experience
Shari Harris
She brings years of experience in accounting and an animal loving heart who is also a Navy Veteran, thanks for your service.
Karen Williams Wood
Treasurer / Advocate
23+ years Retail expererience &15+ years in Management & 17+ years in Banking &10+ years in Human Resource

We all believe in the Help Us to Help Them theory. We believe that everybody has something they can do to get this accomplished. Simple things like if you have extra or used household items and are going to throw them out anyway...donate them to a rescue/shelter. A single sock can be made into a warm place a newborn fur baby can be put into. Linen sets that are not suited to be displayed on a bed can be made into a hammock for cats or shredded to make soft nesting. Pants that are ripped in the seat area can have the legs cutoff for kitty or ferret tunnels in which to play and hide in. Towels that are stained or have a bleach spot can be used for bath time to dry off. Plastic containers and totes can be used for storage of food or cleaning supplies to keep them safely stored. They are also used for winter housing for the feral cats that stay outdoors in a colony.

Pay it Forward...this program can and should be used outside of the animals as well. If you know someone that is having a difficult time caring or feeding their animal, offer to give them a bag of food. I promise you, it will make you feel so LARGE on the inside. When in a store you see someone can't afford all that they have bought, simply get the cashiers attention and add it to yours. You don't even have to tell the person. Or walk up to a cashier and hand her $20 to use for the next person that has at least 2 kids with them. Then ask them to tell the person it was anonymous and merely Pay it Forward when they can. 

Tell 10 people and dare them to tell 10 people how it feels to help a rescue fur kid. If just 2 of each of those 10 people do it ...imagine the possibilites.  

All of the collective experience and skills within this group is astonishing and each of us have decided to utilize those skill-sets for the well being and betterment of the fur babies that come into our care and may need help.